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Centralized Mobile Disinfection

GloTran Transcends the Boundaries for Traditional Disinfection

GloTran Bridges the Gap in Mobile Healthcare Technology

GloTran Goes Where It’s Needed Most

By providing dynamic disinfection solutions for heat-sensitive and non-critical tools, GloTran bridges the gap between processing departments and hospital disinfection protocols.

Because diseases can be transmitted by non-critical tools that include air/water syringes, stethoscopes, pulse oximeters, and even commonly used electronic devices, it’s important to be able to properly disinfect these instruments in a controlled environment, away from patients.

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Centralized Disinfection with GloTran

GloTran Is the Missing Piece for Comprehensive Centralized Disinfection

In centralized processing, tools undergo an extensive decontamination process that requires steam. However, this process should not be the same for all tools and instruments. Some instruments cannot withstand the heat of an autoclave. This is why adding GloTran to centralized disinfection is critical.

GloTran’s low-temperature processing can help medical facilities become more versatile, with the ability to safely process a wider range of medical devices and electronics.

Complete with an automated 20-minute cycle time and dry, low-temperature processing, GloTran saves healthcare facilities time, money, and labor.

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GloTran for Mobile Disinfection

Mobile Technology in Healthcare is Becoming Increasingly Common in Today’s World

Many healthcare facilities utilize mobile sterilization units for their many advantages. GloTran offers a turnkey solution that bridges the gap between mobile central sterilization processing and mobile centralized disinfection.

GloTran technology can fully integrate with any mobile unit to provide comprehensive disinfection for tools & electronics. The benefits of using a mobile unit for disinfection processing include