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GloTran for Pediatric Clinics

Infection Control When it Matters Most

Automated Disinfection to Prevent & Protect From Pathogens

GloTran’s 20-minute Automated Cycle Provides Uniform Disinfection in Pediatric Clinics

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are notorious in the healthcare community for prolonging illness, longer hospital stays, and higher mortality rates. Unfortunately, pediatric care clinics are not exempt from the dangers of HAIs. And without proper disinfection of every item a healthcare worker comes into contact with, the higher the risks are that a young and vulnerable patient will contract an HAI.

Stethoscope Disinfection GloTran

Healthcare personnel adhere to stringent hygiene standards such as gloving, hand washing, and using PPE and hand sanitizer. Though these practices are absolutely necessary for maintaining a contaminant free environment, this does little for high touch surfaces that don’t receive the same standard of disinfection.

GloTran® is safe for use on a variety of high-touch items that may not receive routine disinfection. Common instruments found in clinics such as stethoscopes and pulse oximeters are all prone to the build-up of pathogens. Even Cellphones, pagers, pens, and remotes can be disinfected with GloTran’s low temperature, dry disinfection process.

With a quick 20-minute cycle time and automated processing, GloTran provides uniform disinfection across a wide array of materials effectively reducing the risk of contracting an HAI.

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Limit the Spread of HAIs in Pediatric Clinics with GloTran

Disinfecting Overlooked with High-Touch Surfaces & Equipment

HAI prevention in pediatric clinics often only focus on high-risk, invasive diagnostic and therapeutic tools. However, the risk from frequently used everyday items is commonly underestimated.

Examples of non-invasive clinical items that GloTran can disinfect