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GloTran for Childcare Centers

Protecting Our Future from Pathogens

Non-Toxic Disinfection for Child Care Centers

Safe for Use on Everyday Items like Toys, Electronics, & Plastics

Child care center workers have a lot to keep up with while on the job, and sometimes proper disinfection can be overlooked. A vast majority of children in daycare will contract an illness from contaminated toys, tables and chairs, and even from each other. Outbreaks occur at child care centers regularly, and mitigating the incidence of this is of utmost importance.

Child care centers regularly rely on disinfectant sprays, wipes, and even bleach and water for disinfection. The problem? None of these methods are non-toxic and provide uniform disinfection.

That’s why GloTran® technology uses Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) as a safe disinfection alternative. A newer infection control strategy on the market, VHP provides residue-free, non-toxic disinfection.

Child Care Center Disinfection - Daycare Center Disinfection

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GloTran: A Safe & Reliable Disinfection Solution

Why VHP Is the Safest Disinfection Alternative

Disinfecting hard-to-reach surfaces is almost impossible using established cleaning methods, especially disinfectant wipes. Kill rates depend on time of contact, which is prone to user inconsistency. Wet wipes, mist, or any topical sprays can be toxic to children and doesn’t cover the entire surface of the item.

GloTran is safe, effective, & easy to use, operating on fully automated cycles to minimize user error.

Safe on delicate materials yet tough on germs, GloTran is scientifically proven to outperform sprays, wipes, removing pathogens from the surface quickly and effectively.