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Everleigh Malley

Everleigh Malley

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We often look at antibiotics as one of the greatest advances of healthcare in modern history. But what if the one thing we can use to effectively cure an infection simply stops working? “Antimicrobial resistance may not seem as urgent as a pandemic, but it is just as dangerous,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) back in November 2020. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a concerning trend that’s become one of the leading causes of death around the world. In just 2019 alone, 1.2 million people died from an infection that wouldn’t respond to antibiotic treatment. This has health experts ringing alarm bells about the possibility of this turning into another uncontrollable health threat. Healthcare practitioners have protocol in place to prevent AMR.  Disinfection, however, is often overlooked as an effective measure in combating AMR.

Surface Disinfection Is More Important Than You Think

A survey conducted by the CDC shows that almost half of physicians blame antibiotic resistant infections on poor hygiene practices. While healthcare professionals can follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC for proper handwashing and universal gloving, this can only limit the spread of bacteria to an extent if one isn’t disinfecting the items that they regularly handle.

GloTran’s dry low-temperature processing is ideal for high-touch items like cellphones and pagers carrying pathogens that have the potential to cause AMR.

Surface disinfection is crucial for infection control. Even non-critical instruments can carry bacteria that’s likely to wreak havoc if not properly disinfected. That’s not to mention the millions of bacteria present on pens, pagers, and cell phones – items that we touch regularly and don’t think much about it. These everyday items can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and transmission is almost inevitable when handling patients.

Antibiotic resistance can occur because of several factors. Whether it’s a patient acquiring an infection in a healthcare setting or poor use of antibiotics, why not prevent infection at the source?

The Future of Surface Disinfection is Here with GloTran®

GloTran’s vaporized hydrogen peroxide significantly reduces the number of antibiotic resistant organisms through dry low-temperature disinfection. With the ability to disinfect non-critical instruments as well as electronics, GloTran is the final piece of an all-encompassing infection control solution. 

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